Coaching and mentoring


It isn’t an exaggeration to say that coaching and mentoring has transformed my life. Action-learning sets and informal group sharing with peers have also been important for learning and growth.

When a coach summarises or pulls out a theme from what I say, it helps me to notice my thoughts in a fresh way. When I’m asked the right question, it dares me to think bigger and broader than before. When I’m offered full attention, without judgment or advice, it creates a supportive space for me to unleash my best. 

What I offer

‘Shilpa is a really compassionate and empowering coach.’

I offer coaching and mentoring to clients who do (or want to do) community-building in their organisation, movement or neighbourhood, placing equality and empowerment at the heart of their approach. 

I first formally offered coaching through Women Making A Difference, whose training and peer support were invaluable. I have since worked with many change-makers and developed my own style that is both gentle and challenging,

I work one-to-one and also with small groups of peers/colleagues, either privately or through your organisation. I draw on my community building and song-leading experience and honour physical, emotional and spiritual needs, as well as intellectual.

Often an initial project-based query – eg ‘I need help to design an inclusive strategy planning process for my team’ – unpacks broader, deeper questions such as –

  • How do I build equal, positive relationships with colleagues?
  • What helps me and my team feel healthy, strong and supported?
  • How has my gender/race/age/class/disability/etc affected my experience at work?
  • What does self-care mean for me and the groups I’m part of?
  • What do I think about my ‘voice’? How do I use it?
  • How do I use my time more effectively?

How you can expect me to work with you

I will

  • Co-design a Ways of Working agreement with you, based on how you like to learn and expectations of each other. This includes an exploration of coaching and mentoring methods and agreeing which you find most suitable
  • Build self-care and gentleness into our ways of working together.
  • Support you to clarify your learning goals for the session/s
  • Draw on a variety of methods as appropriate – this could include creative tasks, relaxation exercises.
  • Offer regular reviews, asking ‘what’s working well?’ and ‘what could be better?’
  • Jointly agreeing tasks for you to do in between sessions to help you meet your goals

Meetings are held in person (in and around London, UK) or via Skype or phone. I prefer to work with a client for at least three sessions. To explore one to one or group coaching/mentoring, either privately or through your organisation, please contact me for an initial discussion




Shilpa is very much about the individual, the group and the journey, as opposed to quick delivery, hitting targets and forgettable moments. Creating a supportive group of Women of Colour has been life changing, helping me address my experiences of being oppressed and hear others as well as get nourished. The trust, safety and support of others like me has meant that I continue to get replenished whenever my cup runs low. 121’s have also been extremely useful as Shilpa is very perceptive, and gentle even when she is encouraging you to be critical of thoughts, ideas or concepts. She is open about her own experience and does not make out she is perfect, which makes our conversations feel real. Breathing exercises I have learnt in these 121s have helped me at times of extreme tension — Penny Wangari – Jones, Racial Justice Network


PIRCShilpa combines coaching and mentoring with campaign strategy, liberation practice, meditative grounding and organisational development. She has a breadth of knowledge and experience. Not only that, she’s a great listener and is extremely responsive to both individual and group dynamics. She helped me clarify and focus, both on my own needs and those of others, more than anyone else I’ve worked with.  Richard Hawkins, Director, Public Interest Research Company



Shilpa is a really compassionate and empowering coach. What is really unique about working with Shilpa is her wide range of experiences, expertise and skills she brings to the table. Throughout our sessions, we created goals, explored my values and how I treat myself. I found doing breath work before each session both gave me tangible techniques to use for myself, but also really opened each session with a sense of calmness and intention. The work we did together on compassionate communication, and learning about non violent communication was integral in my ongoing recovery from vicarious trauma. This has helped me to rediscover my voice and assert my needs in a way in which I empower both and give to myself as well as others.  — Meg Kissack, Founder of That Hummingbird Life and The Couragemakers Podcast