My Heart Sings

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My Heart Sings supports women who are usually unheard in UK society to build positive relationships with themselves and with each other and strengthen their voices to help create change.

My Heart Sings works particularly with groups and organisations of (self-identifying) women who are women of colour/BAMER, including

  • refugees and asylum seekers
  • survivors of gender-based violence
  • experiencing mental health difficulties
  • staff and volunteers supporting these women and their families


My Heart Sings workshops with your group or organisation

My Heart Sings started as a weekly women’s group in central London. I have since developed work in UK prisons, Yarl’s Wood detention centre and with groups and organisations working with marginalised women across London.

Singing together has great healing potential. Working with Women and Girls Network deepened my understanding of the impact of trauma on our body and emotional state. I became curious to learn more and develop supportive tools. The My Heart Sings model for workshops aims to help women develop their connection with the present moment, their body and each other with gentleness and openness. I adapt breathing, gentle yoga movement and voice exercises and choose soothing and empowering songs. I also support women to express themselves by sharing songs which are meaningful for them.

My Heart Sings now delivers workshops for women’s groups and organisations, to support self-care and empowerment programmes.

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What you can expect from a My Heart Sings workshop


People can often feel nervous about singing. I start a workshop by sharing my philosophy about singing and voice – singing is our birthright, not something that only people who ‘are good’ can do. I believe everyone’s voice has something to contribute to a circle of voices….

To receive more detailed information My Heart Sings workshops and to discuss the needs of women in your group or organisation, please contact me

You can read more about the activities of My Heart Sings on the blog here.


women-and-girls-network“My Heart Sings” literally says what it means. It wasn’t only my heart, but my body, mind and spirit were all singing and vibrating on a higher frequency  during and after the magical session’-– Michelle Springer-Benjamin, Training Manager, Women and Girls Network, after a self-care session for staff and volunteers