Singing for Health and Wellbeing facilitator

singing for health

There is increasing evidence confirming that singing helps health conditions such as chronic breathing problems, mental health, Parkinsons, Alzheimers. Singing can support particular outcomes such as better lung function, a reduced reliance on inhalers or improved memory. Singing in a group promotes a better connection with our bodies and breathing, as well as with other singers in the group. This can reduce isolation and creates a sense of achievement and strength. 

I have particular experience in singing for people with chronic breathing problems and singing for positive mental healthI am currently leading singing for breathing groups for a Sidney de Haan Centre research project. I also sing with people with mental health difficulties including for local Mind groups and in prisons and immigration detention centres.

In addition to musical, physical and emotional understanding, I bring my community development and facilitation experience. This helps me to quickly create trust and support those who feel less confident to thrive in the group.

I work in a variety of health, institutional and community settings. If you would like to discuss Singing for Health and Wellbeing sessions for your group or organisation, please contact me.


sidneydehann-2Shilpa has been a singing facilitator with our Singing for Better Breathing project since December 2014. She works energetically and sensitively with participants and is always attentive to their needs. She is a great enabler and helps people to pay attention to their bodies and breathing and engage with others through singing.The films we have made from the project illustrate her joyful style better than any words.  – Stephen Clift, Director, Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health



Shilpa immediately melds together a very disparate group. She makes the whole thing fun and we laugh a lot. She explains the purpose and point of any exercise we are doing and then encourages people individually, while making sure that everybody is trying their best. Feedback email from a singer at Clapham Surgery group